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1 Million Teachers is proud to partner with organizations that share our belief that genius is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. Together, with our partners, we’re building a future with enough trained and motivated teachers that every child can has the chance to unlock their full potential.

Faculty of Education - Queens University
Five Cowries
The Beanstalk Project
Sterling Bank


Daniels Akpan - Nigeria

1MT is helping to close the teacher shortage gap in Africa and across the world. Committed to equipping teachers with high-quality educational resources, training, and relevant exposures and experience. Are you a Teacher or a school administrator, do you have a passion for educational development in Africa, consider partnering 1MT.

Zulai Mtaku

Amazing content. I never knew there was a difference between doing projects and Project based learning. Our students have been doing projects all along and here i was thinking they were having Project based learning. It's clear to me now that Project based learning is the way to go. Students own their learning and discover much more than the teacher would have fed them with! Great content.

Babatunde Ajani

It is a platform for new and existing teachers to become lifelong learners. The modules are engaging, interesting and comprehensive.

Dorcus Magod -Uganda

It is a reminder that behavioral change and educational performance shouldn't be left a responsibility of teachers alone. Everything that pupils do they will have learnt from home. As teachers it is our obligation not only to call teachers when we are telling them about school fees but also constantly engage them to know more about the pupils and also ensure that their emotional stability.

Temitope Ogunniyi - Happy Teacher

UDL helps teachers become flexible in their methodology and makes assessment easier and fun as children can answer questions through varied expressions and not only writing answers as a true test of knowledge.

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